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  1. What are the costs for an event?

    Costs for events depend solely on the consumer and how much they want to invest in the occasion.

  2. Do you charge by the hour or by the event?

    Our price quotes are for the entire event not by the hour.

  3. Can we contact the vendors(caterer, photographer, d.j., etc.) directly?

    No, You are contracted with Occasions Your Way and not the vendors. We will communicate all your needs to the vendor for you.  In most cases, we will not give out the personal information of the vendors.

  4. Do you arrange for transportation to and from an event?

    Yes we will provide transportation as needed.

  5. Does Occasions Your Way have a standard price list available?

    We are in the process of creating a standard price list. However, please know that these prices will vary depending upon your needs. For example, live flowers vs. artificial, venue, menu, transportation, etc. all will affect the final costs. We want to be affordable for every budget.

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  1. How long is the bartender on duty for a party?

    The bartender is usually contracted for a 4 hour period.

  2. How far will you travel to host an event?

    There are no restrictions on how far we are willing to travel. But please keep in mind that travel costs will be included in your price.

  3. How much notice is needed for hosting/planning an event?

    For smaller events, we request at least a two week notice to plan  and prepare for the event.

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